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Welcome to the WKDF's official site

   A brief description concerning history and technique of Kempo Dankan and the activities organized by WKDF is available in this site.
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   Several activities have been already organized by our Organization in order to start new clubs in Italy and abroad and others are in order to be defined in the near future.
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   Main events concerning the activities organized by WKDF are periodically updated in these pages.
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International Teacher 9th Degree Red Belt Michele Masucci

WKDF is leaded by Michele Masucci, its founder, who was recognized as General Teacher in 1992 since he brought Kempo Dankan in the International context of Martial Arts and conferred of the 9-grade Red Belt by the International Budo Federation. In 1996 he was elected vice-President of the World Martial Arts Federation-CSEN/CONI, the Organization of Martial Arts and Budo-sports.

WKDF International Championship

The WKDF international championship was periodically organized in cooperation with CHIEAM - Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterrančennes. This competition involved representatives from the 21 european, american, african and asian countries joining WKDF.

WKDF International Summer Stage

WKDF organizes in Italy and abroad Kempo Dankan courses allowing to obtain the international Instructor/Master degree. The course in Lido del Sole sul Gargano, Italy, takes one week and it's held in the international summer stage contest. It consists of an inthensive daily study of the Kempo Dankan programs in a comfortable touristical structure situated in one of the nicest italian holiday areas.

   From the chinese Emperor Fu Hi and I Ching philosophy historical period Kempo Dankan boasts a 5,000 years history and tradition.
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   WKDF today also cooperates with several Organizations involved in various social and humanitaries undertakings.
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   We wish you can find all the information you might need in the following pages. Comments and advices which can help us to improve our work are the welcome!
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