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Kempo Dankan is a gymnastic-martial discipline whose most ancient cultural principles go back to the mid-Asiatic Shamanism and to the oriental Indian and Chinese tradition starting from the III millenium b.C. It takes inspiration from Tapas exercises, Karmayoga practices and I Ching filosophy of the first legendary Chinese emperor Fu Hi.

In detail, Kempo Dankan takes its origin from the method elaborated by three eminent Chinese Masters in the XVII century a.C. : the Zen monk Kueh Yuan, the Taoist monk Li Kieng, the most recognized authority of the National schools (Nei Kia) and Pai Yu Feng, expert fighter of the popular schools. In the Shao Lin Monastery they exchanged their different technical-theoric experiences to reach a widespread martial knowledge of the tradition of that time. After some months of hard work, they elaborated a new and singular method as for purposes and contents whose technical and cultural eclecticism distinguished it from the innumerable local and National schools of different inspiration.

Descending from these legendary and historical assumptions, in 1971 the Master Michele Masucci, Bujintsu Kempo and Shotokan Karate black belt, codified the Kempo Dankan discipline and founded the CISOK Federation which assembled the first trainees.

The modernity of this school combines traditional principles with a valid educational, holistic, gymnastic-martial programme inspired to the different philosophical features of Brahmanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Zen Buddhism.

The school is still guided by Michele Masucci, its founder, who was recognized as General Teacher in 1992 since he brought Kempo Dankan in the International context of Martial Arts and conferred of the 9-grade Red Belt by the IBF - International Budo Federation. In 1996 he was elected vice-President of the World Martial Arts Federation-CSEN/CONI, the Organization of Martial Arts and Budo-sports which recognized him the 10-grade in 2002.

A Kempo Dankan Master attends his pupil in training in an ancient structure built in the XVI century a.C.. The Method applies the classic Tradition of the old chinese school and the priciples of the Zen Buddhism in a modern Discipline.
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