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The necessity to agree the modern spirit and the technical completeness typical of Kempo Dankan makes it unique and hard to explain to people without any experience in teaching and practizing.

The Kempo Dankan practice is regulated by the Confucian principle of Yin-Yang balance. The basic gymnastic training is associated to the technical-martial study, both individual (Kata) and in pairs (Kumite). The use of arms is complementary to the unarmed technique.

The gymnastic programme includes the progressive practice of technical physical training, gymnastics in contraction, Chinese traditional exercises and Yoga. These exercises are based on the oriental energy medicine rules.

The individual study of basic martial technique includes the execution of 15 foundamental strokes with legs and arms, on the ground and jumping as the extension of the gymnic-energy programme. The study of kata, individual armed exercises and by empty hands, embraces modern forms, elaborated by the Soke and ancient models as well as traditional series executed in pairs. The study of rythms and breathing, the search for the mental vacuum and harmony go further the martial training and make gymnic exercises introspective.

The individual technique is applied in armed and unarmed fighting and in personal defence. Contact even minimum in attacking is rigorously forbidden by Kempo Dankan since it is based on the no-contact principle by exalting the martial aspects of precision and power as well as the educational technical-type ones. The applications have no sports ends and above all aim to self-control development and no-violence.

The study of personal defence against one or more opponents, armed or not, implies the knowledge of vital points, of levers and projections. This practice mainly aims to reach the control of emotions more than the feeling of self-confidence.

The practice is completed by Che Cheng diet, Tuei Na finger-pressing, Kwatsu technique and the study of the oriental philosophical principles regulating it.

Kempo Dankan is an ecleptycal educational system rejecting any restrictive definition as martial, defensive, gymnic or sports discipline. It can be considered to be an outright pattern of life as it is characterized by words such as improvement, sacrifice, balance, cohoperation and loyalty. Kempo Dankan shows a complementary and fascinating path towards one's inner consciousness, something so difficult to reach mainly during periods of deep crisis of individual or collective identity. Physical and menthal health are the main tools to fulfill a better prospective of life offered by Kempo Dankan. Harmony among Man, Society and Nature is the philosofical and lay fundamentals of Kempo Dankan.

Today like 5000 years ago.

The learning of the Kempo Dankan's gymnical and technical programs is organized by different levels, each one related to a specifical technical practice referred to its own concerning belt graduation. The wideness of such programs makes its study unlimited.
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