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CISOK organizes in Italy several international Kempo Dankan courses. Such courses, which can be differently lasting, permit to obtain the WKDF Teacher Instructor/Master degree once passed the final examinations.

The courses in Bari, which take one or two years, were organized in collaboration with the international university UNIVERSITAS MEDITERRANENSIUM NATIONUM.

The courses in Milan, which take three months, were kept in collaboration with the Student Exchange Network and the Students Sporting Association of BOCCONI UNIVERSITY.

The course in Lido del Sole in the Gargano takes one week and it's arranged in the WKDF summer stage contest. It consists of an inthensive study of the Kempo Dankan programs in a confortable touristical structure. The trainings, the holiday and the social life inside the Kempo Dankan group make it an unforgettable experience.

An alternative solution can be the partecipation to shorter stages organized in different periods in the CISOK most qualified italian gymnasiums. Such activities have to be in any case agreed with WKDF.

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The WKDF international championship was periodically organized in cooperation with CIHEAM - Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterrančennes. This competition involved representatives from the 21 european, american, african and asian countries joining WKDF.
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