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Q. What is the basic qualification required to practice Kempo Dankan?
A. Kempo Dankan teaching method is progressive in order to make it accessible to the beginners. No basic martial and/or gymnical preparation is required to start.

Q. Is there any age limit to practice Kempo Dankan?
A. All people starting from six years old can begin. There isn't any other limit about age except that.

Q. How do people get Kempo Dankan belt graduation?
A. Athlets begin from the white belt after joining the CISOK/WKDF Federation. The various levels of orange and brown belt are obtained after passing the due federal examinations, which are always directed by designed federal executives.

Q. How much time does the technical preparation require to pass the examinations?
A. There isn't any fixed minimum time or other limit, all depends on the learning abilities of each athlet.

Q. Which type of examinations is necessary to obtain Kempo Dankan black belt?
A. Kempo Dankan black belt can't be obtained by examinations. The only way to get it is to collect special scores awarded by CISOK/WKDF to athlets and executives who reach particular sporting, technical and organization results.

Q. Are Kempo Dankan competitions performed? Which ones and at which level?
A. The Federation organizes Kumite and Kata national and international competitions for all the members under the CISOK/WKDF's regulations. CISOK/WKDF athlets can also join WMAF - World Martial Arts Federation open Kata competition (CISOK/WKDF is a WMAF member) and any other competition organized by qualified international Martial Arts organizations.

Q. Are Kempo Dankan competitions structured in different belt and/or weight categories?
A. Belt and/or weight categories are not present in any national Kempo Dankan competition. Different belt categories are usually admitted for CISOK/WKDF international competitions only. The best placed performing each category activity takes part into a final open match for the final Grand Champion title.

Q. What are the CISOK/WKDF national and international activity participation charges?
A. All CISOK/WKDF national and international activities are free. The only charges to be paid by athlets concern the eventual travels, meal and accomodation expenses.

Q. At present there are no Kempo Dankan Schools in my Country. How can I practice it?
A. CISOK/WKDF introduces abroad people to Kempo Dankan in two different ways:
1) international stages
2) upgrading lessons directed by qualified international teachers to be arranged in the Country/town in object.

Q. I already undertake other martial disciplines, may I practice Kempo Dankan, too?
A. Yes, if this doesn't generate any conflict. For example, Kempo Dankan fight is no-contact while Kick Boxe requires physical contact: for thist reason it is not suggested to practice both of them.

Q. Can I teach Kempo Dankan in my Country? If yes, by which kind of qualification?
A. CISOK/WKDF allows and prompts the diffusion of Kempo Dankan outside Italy. Plenty initiatives are promoted in order to upgrade technically the teachers operating abroad. CISOK/WKDF releases free CISOK technical degrees and certifications, CISOK/WKDF Instructor/Master degrees. It's also possible to obtain on one's own expenses the international Budo-Pass and the World Martial Arts Federation, World martial Arts League and CSEN/CONI graduation degree and technical certification.

Q. How can people start Kempo Dankan?
A. The first step is to become a CISOK member. If you are so minded the only thing you have to do is to send us an e-mail by any other page of this site. You will be contacted in order to agree a customized program of stages and lessons for applicant Instructors in the most qualified Kempo Dankan Schools according to the Tutor Teachers availability at the moment of the request. All the membership formalities will be accomplished during the first stage you will take part in.

The propaedeutics of the Method makes Kempo Dankan fit to all people. The beginners starts from the same level and improve their knowledge of the Discipline lesson by lesson in function of one's own ability.
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