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2020 WKDF Championship: Sat, 6th - Sun, 7th June

2020 WKDF Summer Camp: from Sat, 25th Jul to Sat, 1st Aug

In 2019 edition 22 hours practice and 7 hours theory lessons have been provided with final exams.

2020 WKDF Awards: Sun, 20th Dec

Participation to all activities is free and reserved to WKDF members


Last update: 02/01/2001

Agreement for Kempo Dankan

The validity of convention, signed by the parts in argument in december 1999, is extended to the year 2000 and concerns the ASSUB and CUS members. Such convention introduces Kempo Dankan courses in the CUS's activity plan and binds this organization to advertise the Discipline in all the Milan universities: State University, Catholic University, Politechnical Institute, IULM- Istituto Universitario Lingue Moderne ("Modern Languages University Institute"). Explaining brochures, describing the Kempo Dankan's program, will be distribuited on purpose. All the involved CISOK executives are qualified by the international WKDF - World Kempo Dankan Federation Teacher degree.


At the beginning of the year the Kempo Federation informed the competent territorial authority about the Hua To Kempo Club three years pilot project, adequately financed and aiming to the primary prevention of the diffusion of drugs and the social reintegration of addicts under alcohol and drugs. The realization of this project is articulated in 5 points, each based on several educating features of Kempo dankan aiming to the recovering of such deviations.


With reference to the "Scholastic dispersion activity" and in consequence of the excellent results obtained in 1999 by the section "A new educating proposal: Kempo Dankan at school", inaugurated in 1995, the Kempo Federation and the concerned scholastic organism confirmed the "TAI 2000" project, which assings 50 hours to the Kempo lessons at school, to be spent from the 7th february to the 31th of may.


On saturday 11th march 2000, the gymnasium of the Pedagogical High School of Apricena hosted the "2000 Haiasa Gala". The Kempo demonstration, which has been performed in the "Kempo at school" project contest, registered the partecipation of a wide number of students and teachers of the Pedagogical, Classical, Scientific and Commercial Institutes. This result has been gained due to the good organization, selection, direction and execution criteria and excellent Kempo Dankan athlets.


On sunday 2nd april 2000 the CHIEAM Institute situated in Valenzano hosted a WKDF - World Kempo Dankan Federation meeting for foreign students of the Mediterranean International University. The plenty Kempo Dankan activities have been showed in English, French and Arabian, also by auxiliary demonstrating exercises. The results of the International Course for Instructors and the sporting activities of 1999 have also been illustrated.

11th MARCH 2000

In occasion of the Women's Day, saturday 11 march 2000, an all women gala called "KEMPO CON LE MIMOSE" ("KEMPO AND MIMOSA") has been held in the sporting hall of Apricena particularly crowded for the occasion.
The demonstration, wich took 1 hour, consisted of the following exercises: Waza Taiso (basic technical gymnastic), Nachiketa Yogasana (first Yoga form), miscellaneous of Arjuna and Hasta Vakra Yogasana (2nd and 3rd Yoga forms), Dankan San, Shi, Go (respectively 3rd, 4rt and 5th technical forms), Dankan Bo (long stick technical form), Kihon Kumite (basic fight), Ju Kumite (fight), So Kime (self-defence against short stick attack), Jo Kime (self-defence against medium lenght stick attack), Sai Kime (self-defence against knife attack), Dori Kime (self-defence against catch attack), Ju Bo Kumite (long stick fight).
The demonstration, which gave a global view of Kempo Dankan by showing several levels of ability, registered the enthusiasm of the audience. The final speech of the Vice-Mayor Mrs. Marilia Torelli was to thank public and team; the responsable of the Women's Day Committee released the partecipating degrees in memory of the event. A successful result for the female Kempo, rewarded by a reconfirmation for the 2001.


A great party in favour of the Iraq children called "GIOCAGIN for UNICEF" has been held in the "PalaRossini" ("Rossini Palace") of Ancona, Italy, on sunday 2nd april 2000. The 2000 edition has been organized in several towns to gather economic help which will be entirely devolved to the Unicef Organization in order to buy medicines for iraqi kids. The social and economic situation in Iraq, where more than 1 million children live in a precarious health situation, is quite critical due to the economic emabargo. The statistics coming from UNICEF are awful: one dead Iraqui kid every 6 minutes, 4,500 per month.
The project has been realized under the Supreme Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and the support of the Environment Department and the Public Instruction Department. A Kempo Dankan group of athletes and executives took part in the Ancona meeting, which registered an audience of about 1000 people, by showing a program consisting of energetical gymnastic, Yoga, armed and unarmed Kata (technical form), fight, self-defence.
The high level of the performance obtained the enthusiastic response of the audience. A thanksgiving degree has been assigned to the present Kempo Dankan executives from the presidence of the Unicef-Italia and the UISP Organization. RAI (RAdiotelevisione Italiana) trasmitted a relevant reportage some days later.


On sunday 30 april 2000 the Kempo Dankan Organization took part in the Solidariety Forum upon invitation of Rotaract and Interact Clubs.
The meeting has been held in the Theatre School of Ancona, Italy, with charity finalization. All the incomes of the meeting will be entirely devolved to AIL-Associazione Italiana Leucemia (Leucemia Italian Association).
Mr. Jacopo Criscuolo, a CISOK executive from Rome, introduced Kempo Dankan and the scheduled technical program, consisting of Yoga indian forms, modern armed and unarmed martial forms, ancient armed and unarmed martial forms, unarmed and long sticks fight, self defence.
Warm compliments from the Clubs' staff for the engaging performance and much questions about the Discipline came later.

2000 WKDF

Saturday 20 May 2000 the "M. Tondi" School's gym hosted the Italy-Lebanon International Stage. This event, included in the WKDF-World Kempo Dankan Federation's 2000 calendar, has been directed by the G.M. Michele Masucci, 9� dan Soke.
The meeting began with a brief introdution of all the present teachers and a short message of the General Secretary of the italian Organization, who wanted to welcome all the partecipating persons. A good work was done from all the 50 athletes, and the final satisfation for the relevant results came for all the athletes, even more for the executives. This year the subject in order to be verified have been the Pranayama breathing exercises of the Arjuna and Hasta vakra Yoga forms, the ancient chinese free-hand partnered form called Tuei Cheu, the ancient chinese sword form called Kien Tao Men, Jo Kime (self defence from a medium length stick), Dori Kime (self defence from catch attack), Bo Kumite (long sticks fight), verification of Nage Waza (casting technique) japanese nomenclature. In conclusion, the technical committee directed 16 upgrading exams, only 10 of that was succesful.


CISOK and WKDF arranged for their own members several meetings in Molise and peninsula of Salento, Italy. One of these has been held during the first 3 weeks of august in Campomarino; the meeting, consisting of technical training and theoretical lessons, has ben directed by executives from Treviso, Torino and Ancona. Another one took place in Torre dell'Orso, near Otranto (LE), Italy, from 26th august to 4th september, in the local Villaggio Araba Fenice (Araba Fenice touristic village). This stage, which has been directed by CISOK italian teachers and WKDF-World Kempo Dankan Federation's international teachers (all the lessons was English, French and Arabian spoken), obtained a large number of subscriptions (all the available places, reservable due to the convention in force, have been occupied). The nice structure of the village, enriched by lot of the green areas, the high level of privacy and comfort and the friendly atmosphere assured all the necessary concentration and, on the other way, enhanced the lifestyle proposed from Kempo Dankan beyond the practical trainings. Living according the principles proper of Kempo Dankan, as on the "Tatami" as once off the trainig place, allowed each one to appreciate the genuine spirit of the School and, at the same time, to enlarge some typical topics like the role of the experience and the friendship, respect and responsibility, reception and transmission of values, beyond the natural limits which a brief and aseptic lesson usually put. Such an organization can introduce even the most individualist, "Yang" mindset athlet to the inner growth factors, by the full perception of the principles characterizing the psychical and interpersonal Kempo, transcending the "physical" Kempo. A meticulous technical work remains anyway essential, even if commented by the caressing sound of the shores at sunrise or the amazing colours of the sunset. The work of each athlete, aimed to extend and complete the knowledge of his/her own technical program and, at last, to improve one's own preparation, was succesfull. Seventeen training hour has been scheduled and done, about 2 hours 30 minutes per day. The excellent service offered from the touristic village let the athletes afford much free time, which has been spent as in Kempo related discussions as a properly said holday, with all the nice experience and memories to warm the following cold months.


An italian executive visited China in august 2000 in order to improve his personal martial and philosophical background. Once back to Italy this executive transmitted an interesting report regarding his trip. It impressed positively the National President and the WKDF, who wanted to support such chinese experience of this western Kempo Master and advertise it by publishing it on its own bullettin.


Several Kempo Dankan demonstrations have been represented in Noicattaro on 9th, 16th and 17 september 2000. Such demonstrations took place in the "Association Day 2000". The Kempo Dankan organization, which received a formal invitation to join this event, partecipated with the demonstrating athletes group showing their performance in two occasions, in the Municipal Park and in the Municipal Garden. A Kempo Dankan related stand has been arranged on purpose. The audience shown appreciation and interest for all they sow during both the two demonstrations by expressing positive comments about the brilliant technical exercises and asking a plenty questions. Several information regarding the peculiarities of Kempo Dankan, in particular about sporting, technical, medical and educating features, have been requested to the staff at the stand. Final thanks from the Association Day 2000 organizing staff have been given, including a formal invitation for the 2001 scheduled appointment.


Saturday 16 december 2000 the "Padre Pio" municipal gym of Apricena hosted the Collatia Trophy 2000, under the patronage of the local administration. The competition, which registered a good organization and could capture the attention of the huge audience, consisted exclusively of demonstrating exercises, divided in the three different groups of gymnastic (Waza Taiso, Kime Taiso, Yoga), forms (Dankan Kata, Dankan Bo, Free-style Weapons Forms), fight (Ju Kumite).


Sunday 17 december 2000 San Severo city hosted the 2000 Congress, plus the official end of year cerimony and prize-giving, during that thw WKDF degrees are released in favour of executives, teachers and athletes who obtained agonistic results in the current year. The congress has been introduced by Michele Masucci, President of the Kempo Dankan organization, and Raffaele Bentivoglio, the Sport Assessor of the town, representing the Municipal Administration. Executives, club presidents, teachers and instructors, agonistic teams and single winners of competitions held in 2000, organized in 8 different competition events, each regarding a specifical Kempo Dankan agonistic topic, took part in this final cerimony. The federal president illustrated the activities related to the 30 released degrees, mentioning each of the involved WKDF, CSEN-CONI, CISOK degree holder. A succesfull event, like all the similar events organized every end of year. During the following ordinary reunion, the National Council evaluated the report of the activities of the current year, approving the final federal budget, ratified the 2001 technical-agonistic calendar, nominated the technical, refereeing and examinating committees and approved the economical covering of the organizating charges. The Disciplinary Committee discussed the penalty received in the last 12 months and, during the reunion of the 8th april 2001, will decide the entity of the penalties against clubs, executives and athletes.

WKDF grows in more directions. Excellent sporting results, co-operation with several institutions and organizations with social and humanitariy finalities, experience as auxiliary school subject, all this defines a new polyhedric dimension of this global Discipline.
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